May 15, 2011

Last Day at Market.

All I can say is WOW!!!  We saw sooooo many really, really, neat, new things here in Utah.  We head back to Florida early tomorrow morning - pray there are no snow storms in Denver tomorrow!!

I took closer photos of some of the quilts on exhibit.  Someday I want to grow up to be a quilter like these quilters - amazing!!

 We got everything packed, some of it shipped and are ready to head for home.  See you in the shop on Tuesday and Wednesday, then I'm off on vacation with my hubby!

I posted some more photos on facebook too!  Thanks for all the great comments there!  Keep 6/11 (Saturday) open for a special event at the shop.  You won't want to miss it!


May 14, 2011

2nd Day in SLC - 1st day the "Market" is Open

Let's see if Blogger cooperates tonight!!!

We spent some time today in the booth that carries "Cuddle".  These were on the floor (yes, rugs) in their booth - too cool, or what??

Anyone recognize this guy???

Or how about this guy?

I will post the rest of the photos from today on Facebook.  Remember, you don't have to have a Facebook account to see any of the content on Crafty Threads Facebook page!! 

If you can't quite tell what is in a photo - don't worry, we are planning an "after market" review in the shop.  We will showcase samples of some of the FANTASTIC things we've purchased at market.  So far, we have only seen about half the booths, so tons of more walking tomorrow.

I mentioned on the video that I thought the aisles started at 700 or 800 with 2800 being the last aisle - well, I was wrong - it starts at 100!!!!  That means 28 aisles of vendor booths - Woo Hoo!!!!

Gotta go rest up for tomorrow!

Miss you all, but we are having a BLAST!

March 21, 2011

Pictures to Share

Did you know Crafty Threads and Happy Apple Quilts create custom T-Shirt quilts?

Friday night "You Sew, Girl" (really called Stitch and Bitch) had 2 big finishes this past week!!

Kaylee pieced, quilted, and binded (bound? - you know, put the binding on) this fantastic flannel quilt all on her new Janome 6600.  Congrats Kaylee - you rock!

Sheila finished this pretty pink double wedding ring by putting some fluffy soft "cuddle" on the back and adding varigated yarn ties.  I used to tease Sheila about never having seen her actually sewing - she made me eat my words!!  High five and snoopy happy dance for Sheila.  I heard that the baby smiled when she got her new "blankie"!!

Oh, here's one with Sheila...

We have a blast sewing together every other Friday at the shop - stop by and see us some time!

March 6, 2011

Happy Birthday to my "baby".

My daughter is no longer a teenager - she turned 20 today.  Although I can't be old enough to have a 20 year old daughter - just kidding! 

Happy Birthday Stefi-manda!!  I'm am so proud to be your mom - you are an awesome inspiration to those around you and a great mom to Brooke.  Keep up the good work and keep on smiling!


February 20, 2011

Stacy Michell was here!

First she shared her trunk show...

Then she taught her 2 for 1 Hula Lesson on Friday...

And came back again on Sunday for another class!!

What a great weekend!  We are already talking about when she can come back down to teach again.  Thank you to everyone who came to see Stacy!

February 6, 2011

Quilt Show ready!

I belong to the Palm Harbor quilt guild "Quilters' Crossing" and our biennial quilt show is this coming weekend - 2/11 and 2/12.  I have quilted several of the quilts that will be hanging in the show.  Here is one of them:

 I'll be at the show on Saturday morning for a few hours and at the shop the rest of the time.  Stop by the show, see some wonderful quilts, meet some unique vendors, and maybe win a doorprize!

We had a celebrity in the store last week.  I was back in the office working when Brenda came bouncing back there, breathless, saying something about Isabella and wool and TV and OH MY GOSH, you have to come out here!!!
Long story short, Isabella Hoffman was in the store.  She is the author of a book about felting wool and Brenda had seen her on a "Sewing with Nancy" episode.  "Bella" is a character!! 

Her work is gorgeous (come see a sample in the shop) and she will be back in a couple of months to teach at the store.  She loves "Woolylady" wool and that is how she found the shop - we are the only shop in Florida that carries Woolylady wool!

The winner from the comments on last weeks blog is Holly Heheheheh!  Congrats and we will see you in the shop soon!

I love reading all the comments!  Thanks to everyone who wrote.


January 30, 2011

Our 1st Winner

My random number generator chose #2 (out of 6), so congratulations to Cynthia!  Send me an email I will let you know how to claim your prize!

Look what we had going on in the shop on Friday and Saturday!

Marge L weaving a basket!!

Angie (Rapunzel)

February and March class baskets

Customer quilt I recently finished!
I did it!!!  Two weeks, two blog posts!  Next week is Super Bowl Sunday, so I'll have to take my laptop to the party...

I will entice you to comment on the blog again this week - maybe no one really wanted a calendar??  Let's see if we can get more than 6 comments this week...  How about a fat quarter pack?  How about a pack of 8 color coordinated fat quarters?  Anyone want to comment now??  I will count any and all comments left up until 12:01 a.m. Saturday morning...  Good luck and I can't wait to read all the comments!

Until next time, hug and stitches,


January 23, 2011

Woolylady Trunk Show

If you have never tried applique with wool, you are in for a treat!  Even if you have no desire to applique, just touching the wool makes your mouth water.  The colors are so luscious! 

I am actually working on one the Woolylady kits - and you know "hand" is a 4 letter word to me!  I am doing the applique by machine using a 12 wt. wool thread!  Don't believe me?  Come in to the store and I'll show you!

Since I didn't let everyone know about the new blog until now, make sure you go back to the last blog post and read about the giveaway.  I will count any comments on that blog or this one as entered in the contest.  Post your comments no later than 1/27 and I will choose a winner on the 28th.

Until next time hugs and stitches,

January 10, 2011

Happy New Year!

I know, I’m 10 days late, but better late than never!

Crafty Threads has been open 4 months.  Sometimes it feels like just yesterday and sometimes it feels like 5 years.


We try to take pictures of things happening at the shop and I have collected quite a few photos since we opened.  They take up a lot of room in the newsletter, so I have decided to start this blog to share photos with you.  I will ramble on about various and sundry topics but I’ll try to keep them related to the shop, or quilting, or the weather…

There are those out in blogger land that write something EVERY day – some even write several times a day.  Well, my goal is weekly…  I’m not promising – just making it a goal!!

To gauge the readership of the blog, I’m going to blatantly bribe you!!  Leave a comment letting me know you read this post and you will be entered to win a prize.  What’s the prize?  How about a 2011 “She’s Sew Silly” Calendar?

calendar Until next time,

Hugs and Stitches,