March 21, 2011

Pictures to Share

Did you know Crafty Threads and Happy Apple Quilts create custom T-Shirt quilts?

Friday night "You Sew, Girl" (really called Stitch and Bitch) had 2 big finishes this past week!!

Kaylee pieced, quilted, and binded (bound? - you know, put the binding on) this fantastic flannel quilt all on her new Janome 6600.  Congrats Kaylee - you rock!

Sheila finished this pretty pink double wedding ring by putting some fluffy soft "cuddle" on the back and adding varigated yarn ties.  I used to tease Sheila about never having seen her actually sewing - she made me eat my words!!  High five and snoopy happy dance for Sheila.  I heard that the baby smiled when she got her new "blankie"!!

Oh, here's one with Sheila...

We have a blast sewing together every other Friday at the shop - stop by and see us some time!

March 6, 2011

Happy Birthday to my "baby".

My daughter is no longer a teenager - she turned 20 today.  Although I can't be old enough to have a 20 year old daughter - just kidding! 

Happy Birthday Stefi-manda!!  I'm am so proud to be your mom - you are an awesome inspiration to those around you and a great mom to Brooke.  Keep up the good work and keep on smiling!