September 18, 2013

Giving Back

It is so easy to 'Give Back' 
when you have been given so much!!

Here at Crafty Threads we have so much fun giving to our community and customers that it has become second nature.  Our hearts are always open to the next BIG idea!

The great thing about the charities below is that they are so easy to help. 
Each site has a list of what you can do to help and if your time is limited, there is still a way!

Quilts of Valor: This group was started at Crafty Threads to give back in one of the biggest ways possible and you don't even have to make a quilt.  On the site there is a list of ways to help from donating fabric or batting to making a quilt.
Quilts are donated to: “cover ALL combat service members and veterans touched by war with comforting and healing Quilts of Valor.”  This foundation is not about politics.  It’s about people.

Project LinusTHE Tampa area drop off point for quilt, fabric and yarn donations.
This organization is all about the kids and again there are many ways to help: crochet, preemie quilts, etc. and patterns are listed as well to help you get started.

ConKerr Cancer Pillowcases:
Here is a small selection of the hundreds of pillowcases that come through the shop every September to support this worthy cause!  
So little yardage and so little time can really brighten the world for one sick child.  To entice you to help even more, you can get in on the raffle basket with ALL proceeds going to the local Con Kerr chapter.
All proceeds go to the local
ConKerr Cancer chapter

Metropolitan Ministries:
We all love to help out at the holidays and Crafty Threads makes that easy too.  Every year in the Fall, you will find the Big Blue Bins from Metropolitan Ministries waiting to accept your food and toy donations right here in the shop. 

You, our customers, are a huge part of our community!  Not only are you a part of our quilting community, but our ability to help comes from you in the way you bring ideas to us and the way you jump in to help us carry out those ideas.

How can we thank you? 
Do you have a small quilt club that needs a place to meet?
Come meet the Feather Princesses Traditional Quilt Group:
We help them and they help you.  Do you want to learn the glorious tradition of hand work?  This is the group to learn from.

Want to make some fun projects with like minded quilters?
Join the O.R.E.O.S. (Original Rowdy Enthusiastic Off-Beat Stitchers).
Every month when you show your finished project, receive a $5 chip.  Sometimes you get an extra $5 chip when Barb doesn't get the sample made...  Do you feel lucky?

From small gifts like key chains, fly swatters, nail files, and bag carriers to 10% off your ENTIRE next purchase whenever you spend $250....We say THANK YOU!

We can never say it too many times!  

Thank you! 

June 30, 2013

Events ARE people too!

Everyone loves to attend a Crafty Threads event for the sales and surprises and we hope you come for the smiles and laughter as well!  If you haven't attended one yet, the best is yet to come.....

Here is a YEAR-Long Event:
Become a Crafty Threads Bag Lady for year-long savings.  For a limited time, purchase your bag for only $10 and then receive 10% off your ENTIRE purchase every time you bring it in through June of 2014.  Plus we will be offering monthly specials just for you. 
Now that July is here, it is time for our annual Christmas in July Celebration.  This 3-day event will make you feel like a child again starting with our gift openings on Friday, July 12th.
Brightly wrapped gifts have been popping up around the shop in every nook and cranny and more are on the way-- so don't delay-- mark your calendar today!!
Saturday, July 13th we continue to celebrate with demos and prizes and elves, oh my!
Sunday, July 14th we wrap it all up with quick and easy gift ideas to Make and Take.  Let us, help you, make your holidays a cinch.
Calling all 'NIGHT OWLS'...August 10th brings the second of our Saturday Sleep Over events.  Join us for an evening and early morning sew-a-thon.
Arrive at 6pm on Saturday evening and stay up until 8am Sunday, sewing and chatting and munching and sewing and chatting....Did you see sleeping on that list?  NOPE... NO sleeping allowed!
Sign up today for only $20 with Pot-luck for dinner and a catered breakfast. 
You  might want to bring 2 projects: One to work on while still focused and one for after we become punchy:))

Not all events are about receiving prizes, sometimes the best events are making prizes for others.  Come be a part of our Pillowcase Sewing Day on Monday, September 23rd.
All day long we will be stitching "Miles of Smiles" for ConKerr CancerSave the date, stop in anytime, and make someone smile.

October will bring our Customer Appreciation Event.
December heralds Barb's Big Birthday Blowout Bash.

Just as those wrapped gifts stir a sense of mystery and excitement, events too bring an air of mystery and treasures untold.  Will you find a new fabric or thread?  Will you learn a new technique that changes your whole outlook on future projects?
Or, will you win the grand prize in the form of a smile and shared laughter that will bestow the treasure of friendship on your future.

See, Events ARE people too!  Can't wait to see you again or meet you for the first time.

May 13, 2013

Awesome Judy Niemeyer!

Judy Niemeyer
Arizona Cactus Table Topper
The Cactus Flower Tablerunner
If you are a regular at the shop, you have seen the monthly trunk shows of Judy Niemeyer that have been rotating through.  They are incredible works of art.
You also remember that in January, Jody and I took a 3 day seminar with her in Toledo, Ohio learning paper piecing techniques. She is a fantastic teacher and her patterns are amazing!.
I wanted to become certified because I LOVE paper piecing!!  Judy's quilts are stunning, but it is her method that really strikes a cord with me.  The organization and step by "stepped-ness" of her patterns tickles my fancy!!
Judy Niemeyer, Pepperdish, in the shop now.
From May 29th-June 5th, I will be in Kalispell, Montana becoming a Certified shop. 
What does this mean for you?  Being a "Certified Shop" allows me to offer you Judy's, "Technique of the Month".  In 2012, it was her famous Glacier Star.  Beginning in Jan 2013, her new "Technique of the Month" is the Mariner's Compass. 

Same quilt shown so many ways it is hard to pick a favorite.  I hope to come home from the retreat with my top completely pieced.  
What colors will mine be, you ask?
A Mariner's Compass in colors that are 
soooo very Florida!
Make sure you watch for more photos while I'm piecing the top in Montana:

April 8, 2013

Crafty Threads: Why a Quilt shop?

I get asked this all the time and the answer is easy, you.  My customers are the best and are so supportive.

When I pieced my first quilt in 1990 while pregnant with my daughter, there was no bigger plan.  My life has been a series of opportunities like many of you: Electronic Engineer in the US Air Force, Customer Service for several insurance companies, Postal letter carrier, Financial Advisor and Senior Staff accountant for Raymond James, and Honeywell test board creator.

Every opportunity teaches you things about yourself and I learned to, "do what you love and love what you do".
Having once owned/operated Libra Tax Service, a bookkeeping and tax business from my home, opening another small business seemed right.

My husband and I started Crafty Threads in 2005 as a Custom Embroidery service.  In 2008 I expanded to include longarm quilting services.  Again, you were so supportive that I started researching opening a brick and mortar quilt shop.

This research included a 3-day Shop Hop on the East Coast of Florida with my friend Cindi C.  We hopped along scoping out shops, looking at layouts and sizes, and talking to shop owners.  Quilters are so sharing, and the owners didn't disappoint as they offered ideas about what to do and what not to do.

It was quickly apparent this meant doing it my way and being different.  There is soooooo much fabric available, as well as, books and patterns.  There is no reason to 'copy' the ideas of another shop.

Crafty Threads Quilt Shop opened in August of 2010 offering what none of the other local shops were offering:  In-house Longarm Quilting, Cuddle, which is Minky on steroids, hand dyed wool, and a large variety of 108" wide backings.

Every job has its down side and I really don't like being in the back doing paperwork because it takes time away from talking to the customers, and I still REALLY enjoy longarm quilting.
It is all worth it though when I get to enjoy my 2 favorite things about owning a quilt shop:
2.  Shopping! Meeting with the fabric reps to buy new fabrics, or shopping at the distributors in search of new patterns, books, and notions to bring you.
1.  Share in the Camaraderie of Quilters!  You bring in some of the best ideas for new items and that allows me to go find it so I can share it with other quilters.

I tell my customers that they are always welcome to come in just to pet the fabric, fondle the wool, or gaze at the shop samples.  You can get your fabric fix without feeling obligated to buy something.

One of our customers wrote on Facebook that we were like the 'Cheers' of quilt shops:

"Everyone knows your name and we're always glad you came"
We ALWAYS are and can't wait to see you again.

Crafty Threads LLC. 12230 Race Track Rd. Tampa FL 33626.
Hours: Mon-Fri: 10-6 open til 9 on Tuesdays! Sat: 10-3 Sun: 11-4
(813) 855-3066