February 20, 2011

Stacy Michell was here!

First she shared her trunk show...

Then she taught her 2 for 1 Hula Lesson on Friday...

And came back again on Sunday for another class!!

What a great weekend!  We are already talking about when she can come back down to teach again.  Thank you to everyone who came to see Stacy!


  1. Stacy was so much fun. Thanks Barb for scheduling her in the store. I have my Hula Hoop squares stitched and am ready to stretch them on a frame. I'm already planning the next Stacy project and thinking about what fabric I'll need.

  2. I agree, Stacy was great and the class was so much fun. I'm still waiting for my new footpetal for my sewing machine so I can finish my squares. I would love to more blocks later to make a quilt. We'll see.

  3. BARB-
    So glad you were able to have another class with Stacy on Sunday. Thoroughly enjoyed her class and learning the Hula Hoop technique. Looking forward to her visiting Crafty Thread again soon.

  4. I am so bummed. Too many kid activities. Could not attend. Maybe you could get her back next year?!

  5. Tried to post before but failed.Classes are just great at CT & HAQ. I am so happy I found you CT and HAQ (again).Used to visit HAQ when you were in Palm Harbor but this is so much better and the classes are so great and so much fun.I have learned a great deal in the last couple classes and just by talking to all of you in the store.I really don't need to be anonymous but I did not sign up for an account.Maria M just loves all the happenings at CT and HAQ,thank you all!!!

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