May 14, 2011

2nd Day in SLC - 1st day the "Market" is Open

Let's see if Blogger cooperates tonight!!!

We spent some time today in the booth that carries "Cuddle".  These were on the floor (yes, rugs) in their booth - too cool, or what??

Anyone recognize this guy???

Or how about this guy?

I will post the rest of the photos from today on Facebook.  Remember, you don't have to have a Facebook account to see any of the content on Crafty Threads Facebook page!! 

If you can't quite tell what is in a photo - don't worry, we are planning an "after market" review in the shop.  We will showcase samples of some of the FANTASTIC things we've purchased at market.  So far, we have only seen about half the booths, so tons of more walking tomorrow.

I mentioned on the video that I thought the aisles started at 700 or 800 with 2800 being the last aisle - well, I was wrong - it starts at 100!!!!  That means 28 aisles of vendor booths - Woo Hoo!!!!

Gotta go rest up for tomorrow!

Miss you all, but we are having a BLAST!

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