November 2, 2014

Faith, Hope & Love


All the petty arguments, hurt feelings, and day to day inconveniences seem so, so, so trivial when someone close to you is battling cancer.

My heart hurts for Elizabeth, but not as much as she hurts.

I want to take away her pain, but not as much as she wishes for relief.

I want her to tell me how to help, but doesn't that just add to her burden?


What gets me through each day is my belief that our lives are in His hands and He has a purpose for each of us.  Rarely do we know what that purpose is until long after He has pointed us down the right path, but the purpose is there and we just have to have patience and trust and hope and faith.


And laughter - there can never be too much laughter!  


  1. I so agree. This is beautiful, just like our friend!

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